:: the future is much like the present,
only longer.

dan quisenberry 

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:: so, where should I begin?
after the big jump to the old world i studied business administration and media at :: the university of applied sciences in wiesbaden. then, me and two classmates decided to start doing business and founded an :: agency for web-design. at that time my first book was published. then i started studying a master's degree in international business administration. by the end of my master's degree i started studying a part time degree in computing at :: the university of oxford and in order to achieve more practical experience i started working for a online-direct-marketing agency in frankfurt. then i'v got the opportunity to teach at :: the university of applied sciences fresenius. after three terms and after finishing my part-time studies in oxford i decided to go back in business and started at the interactive unit of one of ::the largest marketing communications networks in the world, and here i am.